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Description Minimum Maximum

Loan Amount

Rs 50,000

Rs 10,000,000

Loan Tenure

6 months

12 months

Interest rate range*: (Q4- January 2024 To March 2024)

Minimum Maximum Mean




*Terms and Conditions applied

Penal Interest is not applicable for agricultural loans up to Rs 25,000 per customer.


  • It includes various categories like loan amount, customer relationships etc.

  • Mean rate = Sum of rate of all loan accounts / Number of all loan accounts.


Particulars Twelve months product Six months product

Processing Fees

1.0% of loan amount

1.0% of loan amount

Foreclosure charges

1%, If a/c is closed within 11 months

1%, If a/c is closed within 5 months

NIL, If a/c is closed after 11 months

NIL, If a/c is closed after 5 months

Gold OD - 1% of the facility amount, if the facility is prepaid within 11 months or post 30 days of auto-renewal.


Valuation Charges

For loans:

  • Up to 1 lakh: Rs 100

  • Greater than 1 Lakh up to 2 lakh: Rs 200

  • Greater than 2 lakh up to 3 lakh: Rs 300

  • Greater than 3 lakh up to 4 lakh: Rs 400

  • Greater than 4 lakh : Rs 500

Top Up Charges

1% of Top Up amount*
*Subject to minimum of Rs. 250

Documentation Charges*

Rs 199

Renewal Fees

For loans:

  • Up to 50 thousand: Rs 300

  • Greater than 50 thousand up to 1 lakh: Rs 350

  • Greater than 1 lakh up to 2 lakh: Rs 500

  • Greater than 2 lakh :Rs 1000

Penal charges on overdue amount

Penal charges will be equal to 5% per annum on the overdue amount, from the due date until the actual payment date plus applicable taxes or other statutory levies, if any. 

Stamp Duty and other statutory charges

As per Applicable laws of the State

Overdue Handling Charges (delinquent accounts)


  1. 750 where a notice has been delivered at the communication address and a paper publication is not required

  2. 1,700 where no notice has been delivered at the communication address and the paper publication is to be done

  3. 300 charge for sending auction notice, over and above the preceding points I) and II)

  4. 200 for sending loan recall notice over and above the preceding points I) and II)


GST, TDS, other government taxes, stamp duty, levies, etc. as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges. The above fees will not be applicable for agricultural loans upto ₹ 25,000 per customer.

*Applicable for flexi Gold Loan product.

Annual Percentage Rate:

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a method to compute annualised credit cost, which includes interest rate and processing fee.

The APR calculator does not include charges like stamp duty, Prepayment charges etc.

To calculate the same, please click here to download the APR calculator.

* Terms and Condition apply

FAQs on Gold Loan Interest Rates

What is the Gold Loan Interest Rate?

Gold Loan Interest Rate is the rate at which a financial institution lends money against the value of gold provided as collateral. It represents the cost of borrowing funds.

How is the Gold Loan Interest Rate determined?

Gold Loan Interest Rates are determined by a range of factors including the lender’s policies, Loan Amount, tenure, purity, weight of the gold, Loan-To-Value ratio and the borrower’s credit profile.

Are there any additional charges apart from the Interest Rate?

Yes, lenders may impose additional charges such as Processing Fee, Valuation Fee and Documentation Charges. These should be considered while calculating the total cost of the Loan.

How does the Loan Tenure affect the Interest Rate?

The tenure of your Gold Loan influences the Interest Rate. Loans with longer tenures may have higher Interest Rates compared to Loans with shorter tenures. It is important to choose a Gold Loan Tenure that aligns with your repayment capacity, while also considering the impact on Interest Rate. 

What is the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio for a Gold Loan?

The LTV ratio is the Loan Amount a lender offers, compared with the value of gold. For example, if the LTV ratio is 75%, you can get a Loan of up to 75% of the gold's value.


Does my Credit Score affect the Gold Loan Interest Rate?

No. Credit Scores do not affect Gold Loan Interest Rates. This is because Gold Loans are Secured Loans. 

Is the Interest Rate on Gold Loans fixed or variable?

Gold Loan Interest Rates can either be fixed or variable, depending on the lender's terms. Fixed rates remain constant throughout the Loan Tenure, while variable rates can change, based on market conditions.

Can I prepay my Gold Loan and are there any penalties?

Most lenders allow prepayment of Gold Loans, but some may levy Pre-closure Charges. It is important to check the specific Terms and Conditions of the Loan Agreement.