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My Money - Features & Benefits

This product is no longer available on iMobile or Internet Banking. However, you can track all your transactions done from your ICICI Bank Savings Account on iMobile through the 'Discover' section.

In Discover section, you will be able to:

  • Track all spends through your ICICI Bank Account
  • Check your upcoming transactions
  • Spends versus Income Analysis

In addition to that, you will also:

  • Find recommendations of different products customised to your needs
  • Track your Service Requests

If you are yet to download the iMobile app, you can download at




How it Helps

With the My Money tool you can easily keep track of your money. Simply add your savings or current account, your credit cards and your home loan and watch as this innovative tool categorises and effectively present your money, enabling you to make smarter decisions.

Single Access

As a valued ICICI Bank customer, you probably have multiple accounts with us; a Credit Card, a Home Loan, a Savings or Current Account and more. This tool enables you to track your money across multiple types of ICICI Bank Accounts in one place.

It’s quite simple. Just add your information for each account to set up your My Money from ICICI Bank Account. This is a onetime activity that will only take a few minutes. The My Money from ICICI Bank tool then gathers your data and updates it daily.

You can also add over 200 non ICICI Bank Institutions and get an overall picture of your financial status.

Categorise Spends

The My Money from ICICI Bank tool downloads and categorises your balances and transactions automatically on a daily basis. You are then presented with graphs that give you an immediate view of your spending, income, balances and net worth. This categorised view helps you manage your accounts effectively.

You spends can be categorised automatically into a predefined list of categories. You can also add and edit categories. As time goes on, you will have fewer adjustmentsto make with this innovative tool.


View Spend Patterns

Make smarter financial decisions by tracking your expenses over time. You can view graphs and charts across all your accounts that will provide an insightful view into your spending habits. You’ll automatically realize if you need to cut down on eating out, entertainment or any other expense.


Set & Track Budgets

See the impact of today’s spending decisions on your bank balance at the end of the month, or the year. Learn your spending habits and see your account trends to set achievable goals. You will immediately know what steps you can take today, to save more tomorrow.


Get Reminders & Alerts

Track your budgets, payments and dues and set email alerts when you are nearing a due date, or overshooting a budget. The My Money from ICICI Bank can let you know when your Savings Account balance falls below a predetermined amount. This useful feature will ensure you never have to pay another late fee again. For example, in the case of your electricity bill payment, you can receive a reminder before the bill due date.


Your Investments are basically taken from the Demat holdings and Fixed Deposits of ICICI Bank account. They are updated on a daily basis. You get a graphical representation of your entire investment.