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Open NRI Account

Now open an NRI Savings Account in just 2 working days*!

ICICI Bank NRI Services launch 'Online Paperless Account Opening Process' - a first- of-its-kind facility for NRIs and PIOs in the US.

Account can be opened in a single web session using a complete online process.

Open NRI Account in 3 simple steps:

1) Click Here to Request for a call back

2) Fill the Account Opening form online with live assistance

3) Request for documents pick up*.

Note: Upload the scanned images of photograph and signature in the pre-defined format and documents in the designated slots.

Open an Account Now

If you are a non-resident Indian living or working abroad and wish to open an NRI Savings Account in India, it is a wise choice. This Account enables you to meet the financial needs of your family in India and make investments in the Indian market.

There are two types of NRI Savings Account:

1. Non-Resident External (NRE) Savings Account

2. Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Savings Account.

An NRE Account is suitable for your foreign income earned outside India and is tax-free. On the other hand, an NRO Account is intended for income earned in India, such as property sales, rental income and investments made within the country.

Below is a list of documents required to open an NRI Savings Account:

- Photocopy of a valid Passport (ID Proof)

- Copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) or Form 60 (in case PAN is unavailable) (ID Proof)

- Copy of valid Visa/Work Permit/Overseas Resident Card (Proof of NRI Status)

- Address proof with the same address as mentioned in the application form

- Photograph

- Initial payment cheque/draft from your own Account.

Once you have submitted the required documents for an NRI Account, your Account will be opened and ready for transactions.

NRI Account Benefits:

  • Convenient money transfers to India: Whether you have an NRE or NRO Account, you can easily deposit your overseas income into these Accounts and access the funds through any Bank branch in India.
  • Flexibility of repatriation of funds: Current regulations in India allows flexibility in repatriating the balance available in NRE Account, including both the principal and interest income.
  • Better interest rates: Worldwide interest rates are going down on Savings Accounts. However NRE Account in India often offer opportunities to earn higher returns on your surplus funds.
  • Easier operations within India: With an NRI Account, you can easily conduct banking operations in India even while staying abroad.
  • Tax exemption for NRE interest income: The interest income earned on an NRE Account is exempt from income tax under prevailing tax laws in India.

Click here to apply for an NRI Account with ICICI Bank.

Click here to know the list of KYC documents.

Click here to compare Online Paperless Account Opening Process with the existing Online Account Opening Process.

*The Account opened will be non–operational. You will have to deposit money in the Account to activate/authenticate it.

DIY Mode

You can convert your saving account to NRO account by logging in to internet banking.  Follow the path: Login -> Customer Service -> Service Request -> Click on convert your SB account to NRO Account.

Assisted Mode

To convert savings account to NRO account Click here to know more. While filling in the relationship details please mention your resident account number/ s that we can convert the resident account to NRO. The account number will remain the same for your convenience.

In case you simultaneously hold a non-resident account and resident account and your status is that of non-resident Indian, you need to convert your resident account to NRO. This is in line with the applicable FEMA guidelines. For the same you will have to fill-in a resident to NRO conversion request form. Click here to know more.

After re-designation of your resident savings account to NRO savings account, the account number will remain the same and funds from resident savings account will automatically be transferred to NRO savings account. In case of your Indian address not being changed you would not be required to submit the proof. However, if it has changed then you would be required to submit the proof. Current (i.e. overseas) address proof is mandatorily.

Yes, If you are the Primary Applicant in the account and your residential status is:

- Non Resident Indian (NRI)

- Person of Indian Origin (PIO)

- Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)

No, if:

- You are the secondary applicant in the account

- You reside in Nepal/ Bhutan/ Pakistan

- You are a citizen of Bangladesh

- You have a Business/ Tourist Visa

- Your account is under freeze/ lien or in debit balance

Please Click here to view the list of documents required & all the documents to be uploaded in scanned images

You can now open NRI Savings account online of two variant NRE & NRO Savings Account