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iScore, what’s that?

iScore is a proprietary score provided by ICICI Bank and is computed on the basis of the customer’s overall financial footprint. The financial data includes savings, deposits, investments, credit behaviour and even day-to-day transaction patterns.

What does iScore offer?

iScore unlocks assured Offers if your score is ‘Good’ or above

Get analytical insights on how the score is derived for you

Personalised suggestions to improve your iScore and get exclusive benefits.

IScore Is Holistic And Includes Your Savings And Transactions Data, In Addition To Your Credit Behaviour

iScore is currently available on iMobile Pay and will be available on Retail Internet Banking soon.

FAQs for iScore ETB

iScore is an internal/ proprietary score provided by ICICI Bank to its customers, on the basis of their financial footprint in the physical and digital world. Customer can now check their iScore on a scale of 0-100 under Discover section of iMobile Pay. Additionally, iScore contributors are provided for further insights on score derivation and personalised recommendations are given which can help to increase the score.

iScore is computed basis customer’s financial footprints. It takes into account numerous factors, the primary ones being transactional, repayment, investment, card/loans relationship and other financial behaviour to generate the score. Customer can further improve upon their score by enriching relationship with the Bank, through financial products and transactions.

iScore comprises of 8 score bands spread on a scale of 0-100 and categorised on the basis of score threshold as below:

Score Range Score Band
0-20 Beginner
21-40 Mover
41-60 Moderate
61-70 Good
71-80 Very Good
81-90 Excellent
91-95 Prime
95-100 Elite

Every customer is shown 3 most prominent factors influencing his/her score and is visible upon clicking on the score dial. Some of these factors are the transactions done using iMobile Pay & RIB, Credit Card/loan behaviour with and beyond ICICI Bank, savings, investments etc. with ICICI Bank and so on.

Deeper association would correlate to exclusive benefits for the customer. The salient ones include:

  • Diverse pre-approved product offers
  • Minimal/ no documentation
  • Preferential rates and treatment
  • Enhanced limits
  • Simple and seamless fulfilment process
  • Customised offerings
  • Exclusive benefits at select merchants

Based on the score, customers are shown pre-approved offers for credit-based products like Personal Loan, Credit Cards, Auto Loan, Home Loan, PayLater, Consumer Durables, and Two Wheeler loan. Customers in the score band ‘Good’ & above will surely have atleast one Pre-approved offer.

Customers having Pre-approved offers against their score can directly avail the products by clicking on ‘Avail Now’ button for the corresponding product and they will be redirected to the corresponding digital fulfilment journey.

Every customer is shown 3 unique nudge messages which can help to increase the score. These nudge messages are personalized for every user depending upon their financial behaviour. These messages are action oriented for the user – payment of utility bills, UPI fund transfer, transactions done through QR scan, FASTag recharge, timely payment of credit card dues, usage of ICICI Bank credit card, on-time repayment of loans etc.

iScore is dynamic and gets refreshed by 15th of every month.

iScore is an outcome of multiple parameters which captures the customer’s financial activities. Transactions, deposits, investments, credit products like loans, cards, intensity and vintage of relationship with the Bank etc. influence the score. Regular transactions and deeper association with the Bank can help increase the iScore.

Below table highlights the key distinct features between Bureau score and iScore:

Bureau Score iScore
Bureau based score modelling is one- dimensional
which considers only the credit based behaviour of the
customer – number of loans/ cards availed, repayment pattern, age of credit,
credit enquiries, credit exposure
iScore is multi-dimensional and factors-in all
available financial footprints of the customer like deposits,
investments, availed credit products, transactions etc. in the phygital space
Bureau score is generated by various agencies
like CIBIL, Equifax, Experian etc. and is accepted
by almost all lending institutions for credit
iScore is proprietary score by ICICI Bank
It operates on a scale of 300 – 900 iScore ranges from 0 – 100
Benefits of Bureau score is limited to
assessment of credit worthiness and hence
offering loans/ credit cards
Scope of iScore benefits is widespread:
  • Pre-approved offers
  • Real-time fulfilment journey
  • Commercial benefits
  • Priority services
  • Exclusive benefits at select merchants/ outlets
Score improvement is difficult and takes
considerable time to cure
Personalized and action-oriented messages
for score improvement

iScore contributors are not shown to customers in ‘Beginner’ band.

Nudge messages are not shown to customers in ‘Elite’ band.

iScore is dependent on multiple parameters spread across the customer’s financial activities and standings. In broad sense, it captures the intensity of transactions done using ICICI Bank platforms, savings, investments, nature and number of cards/ loans availed etc. Enhanced transactions and association with ICICI Bank can help improve the iScore.

To check your iScore, you can login to iMobile Pay application and click on ‘Discover’ tile on the Dashboard. iScore widget will open where you can check your score and related elements. In case any further assistance is required or the issue still persists, please call us on 1860 120 7777.