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2 mins Read | 3 Years Ago

List of Documents Required to Get a Health Insurance

List of Documents Required to Get a Health Insurance

The advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has reiterated the importance of investing in a Health Insurance. Medical expenses have been on the rise and individuals should invest in a Health Insurance, such that they and their family are secured. The market for Health Insurance is vast and accounts for a wide variety of specified medical issues catering to individual and family needs. It is important to be acquainted with the documents required for a health insurance in India, such that it is easier to purchase a policy. This write-up helps readers get ready to navigate the Health Insurance market by providing them with a detailed list of documents required to claim a Health Insurance.

What is a Health Insurance?

By paying a premium on a regular basis, individuals are financially secured in the event that they run into medical, surgical, prescription drugs and on occasion, dental expenses. The Health Insurance company pays for any of the mentioned expenses, should the insured run into them. They either reimburse the insured individual directly or pay the medical care provider the dues owed / incurred as a result of an illness or injury. At times, company’s may seek to provide their employees with Health Insurance as a part of their benefits plan. This plan encourages hard working employees to work for the company in question. The company may pay a portion of the premium of the Health Insurance policy provided and/ or may deduct a section of the employee’s paychecks to cover a portion of the same.

Why is it Important?

Health insurance is an important asset one ought to have up their sleeve, to keep them financially secure in the event that they incur expenses arising from illness and / or injury. Medical expenses can be downright prohibitive to fund entirely out of one’s pocket and a Health Insurance can help offset these costs, drastically. People with specialised diseases like cancer and diabetes should consider investing in health insurance, as they are more likely to run into frequent medical expenses and there exist specialised plans for them.

Documents Needed to Purchase a Health Insurance/ Documents Required for Claiming Mediclaim -

To make the process of purchasing a Health Insurance as smooth as possible, it is important that potential investors compile the required documents, in advance. These documents include the following:

Proof of Age – This document is of paramount importance, as several Health Insurance policies have a specified age requirement, which needs to be fulfilled to be eligible for the same. Applicants may submit any one of the following documents - voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport or birth certificate.

Proof of Identity – This document is required by all Health Insurance companies, to establish the identity of the insured individual. This identity can come in handy in the future as it can help the insurer clarify the type of coverage secured by the insured. Applicants may submit any one of the following documents - voter ID card, passport, Aadhaar Card or driving license. PAN Cards issued in India are no longer considered a valid proof of identity.

Proof of Address – This document allows for the company issuing the Health Insurance to stay in contact with the insured individual, as they frequently mail varied communications via post. Applicants may submit any one of the following documents - ration card, driving license, passport, rent agreement if applicable, PAN Card, Aadhaar card or utility bills like an electricity bill or telephone bill.

Passport-size photographs – This requirement depends upon what the insurer demands.

Medical Reports – These documents depend upon what the insurer demands.

Proposal Form - This document should be duly filled in and signed in the appropriate areas.

Documents Needed to Make Claims

Once an individual has secured a Health Insurance, they may be entitled to claims, which cover the expenses they incur that arise from an illness or injury. In order to successfully submit a claim, insured individuals must have the following documents available on hand:

  • Filled in claim form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Patient’s Discharge summary or card (original)
  • Prescription and cash invoice from pharmacies/hospital
  • Investigation report
  • FIR or Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) – applicable in the case of an accident.


Individuals must do due diligence and read the fine print, carefully prior to investing in a particular Health Insurance policy. They should accumulate all the documents required for applying for a Mediclaim and or/ Health Insurance in advance, such that they don’t run into any inconveniences at the time of application. The insurance documents list encapsulated above is a useful tool.


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