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2 mins Read | 6 Months Ago

Fixed Deposit for Minor - Process to Open Minor FD Account

Fixed Deposit for Minor - Process to Open Minor FD Account


Securing your child's financial future is every parent's top priority. To safeguard their young dreams and aspirations, many turn to the reliability of Fixed Deposits (FDs).

Fixed Deposits, offered by banks and non-banking finance companies, assure a return on investment without compromising the principal.

Plus, it is a stable foundation to fund future expenses including academic goals. Safe from market fluctuations, FDs provide a sense of security with their assured returns and steady capital growth. Explore the process of opening an FD for minors with ICICI Bank to secure your child's future.

Fixed Deposits for Minors with ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank offers Fixed Deposits tailored for minors. Offering flexibility, these Fixed Deposits can be opened for periods ranging from 7 days to 10 years. For Fixed Deposits designed for minors, the minimum deposit is Rs 2,000, ensuring accessibility for all. General customers can start with a minimum deposit of Rs 10,000.

Enjoy the convenience of partial withdrawal in units of Rs 1,000, while the remaining balance continues to earn the original rate of interest. Rest assured with safe custody of your Fixed Deposit receipts and the added convenience of auto-renewal.

Types of FDs

Fixed Deposits for minors provide parents with two distinct options:

  • Traditional Fixed Deposit:

  • Experience the flexibility of receiving FD interest at regular intervals, either monthly or quarterly. Customise a payout frequency to your financial goals

  • Reinvest:

  • Choose a Cumulative Fixed Deposit to grow your savings steadily. Here, the interest accrued is seamlessly added back to the principal amount at quarterly intervals. Upon maturity, you receive a lump sum amount with interest.

Features and Benefits of ICICI Bank FDs

Choosing ICICI Bank for your Fixed Deposits gives you a host of tailored benefits. Some of them include:

  • Safety, Liquidity and Flexibility:

  • A simple yet secure investment product, ICICI Bank FDs provide safety, liquidity and flexibility. The assurance of returns remains unaffected by external factors.

  • Flexible Tenure:

  • Enjoy the convenience of choosing a tenure that aligns with your financial goals, ranging from 7 days to 10 years. This flexibility empowers you to adjust your investment horizon according to your financial aspirations.

  • Premature/Partial Withdrawal Option:

  • In times of urgent fund requirements, ICICI Bank FDs offer extreme liquidity. Opt for premature or partial withdrawal, ensuring access to funds for emergency purposes.

  • Automatic Renewal Facility:

  • Simplify your FD management by opting for automatic renewal. Ensure that your FD renews for the same tenure on maturity, eliminating manual intervention and minimising interest loss.

How does one Open an FD?

Follow these simple steps to open an FD for your child:

  • Login to your Account:

  • Access your account through Internet Banking or iMobile Pay and go to the FD Form section to start the process

  • Select Investment Amount & Tenure:

  • Choose the desired investment amount and tenure for your child

  • Set your Payout Plan:

  • Customise your Payout Plan according to your preferences.

Why Open Fixed Deposits for Minors?

1. Instil Early Savings Habit:

Foster financial responsibility and security by introducing the practice of saving from an early age.

2. Learn Delayed Gratification:

Through instruments like a Fixed Deposit, children grasp the value of delayed gratification and setting aside money for future goals.

3. Cultivate Discipline and Patience:

Early exposure to saving instils discipline, patience and a sense of control over their finances.

4. Build Confidence and Accomplishment:

As their investment grows, children gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment in managing money wisely.

5. Educate on Banking Principles:

An FD can also act as a platform for parents to teach children about banking principles, interest and further their financial literacy.

6. Foundation for Financial Well-being:

Opening an FD at a young age can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of financial well-being and independence.


Choosing ICICI Bank’s Fixed Deposits ensures not only steady growth but also the utmost safety and assurance of funds for your children's future. The reliability of FDs in providing an assured return on investment, coupled with the security of the principal, makes them a go-to choice for parents. ICICI Bank's Fixed Deposits offer stability and assured financial growth. Invest in your child's dreams and back them with the steadfast performance of ICICI Bank's Fixed Deposits.


1. Is the Fixed Deposit for children taxable?

Yes, Fixed Deposits for children are taxable. Some schemes may offer deductions under relevant sections of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

2. Can I open a Fixed Deposit for a minor?

Yes, you can open a Fixed Deposit in the name of a minor with ICICI Bank.

3. Can a Loan against FD be given for a deposit in the name of a minor?

Loans against FDs in the name of a minor are not allowed. The Account needs to be in the name of a major Account holder for Loan facilities.

4. Can a minor FD be closed before maturity?

Premature closure of a minor FD is generally not permitted. The funds are meant to be utilised for the minor's benefit.

5. Who is the nominee for a minor Fixed Deposit?

The guardian or parent opening the minor FD typically acts as the nominee. However, nomination rules may vary and it is advisable to check with the Bank for specific details.

6. Who can be the guardian in a Minor Account?

The guardian in a Minor Account is usually the parent or legal guardian of the minor. The father is the primary guardian, but in his absence, the mother becomes the legal guardian.

7. Can a cheque be issued to a minor?

Minors are typically not allowed to issue or receive cheques. The guardian or parent can manage financial transactions on behalf of the minor.



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