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Charges Amount

On Application

i. Loan Processing and Documentation Charges

Non-premium and Premium Vehicles - 4.75 % of Loan amount + applicable GST.
Super Premium Vehicles -3.5 % of loan amount + applicable GST

ii. Registration Certificate (RC) Collection Fees

600 + applicable GST

iii. Stamp duty charges

At Actuals as per State Stamp Duty Act + applicable GST

iv. Information Utility Charges (Only for Corporate Cases)

₹ 300 + applicable GST

During the term of Loan (details about contingent charges)

Penal Charges

i. Part Payment Charges

No minimum seasoning required to initiate part payment.
Part prepayment Charges:
3% (of part payment amount) + applicable GST for loans with seasoning up to 12 months

2% (of part payment amount) + applicable GST for loans with seasoning from 13 to 24 months

Nil part payment charges for loans completed seasoning of 24 months

ii.Penal charges for late payment

5% per annum + applicable GST will be charged on the overdue EMI until repayment which may be payable pursuant to the applicable laws and terms and conditions

iii.Penal Charge for dishonour of Cheque/AD/ECS/NACH per transaction

Rs 500/- + applicable GST per instance of bounce/return/dishonour of cheques and/or any payment instruction including AD/ECS/NEFT/E-mandate

iv. Loan Cancellation Charges

₹ 2000 + applicable GST

Service Charges

i. Duplicate Repayment/Amortization schedule charges

₹ 150/- + applicable GST (for physical report). Nil for digital report

ii. Statement of Account charges

₹ 150/- + applicable GST (for physical report). Nil for digital report

iii. Prepayment statement charges

₹ 150/- + applicable GST (for physical report). Nil for digital report

iv. Duplicate No Objection Certificate / No Due Certificate charges

₹ 250 + applicable GST

v. Revalidation of No Objection Certificate charges

₹ 250 + applicable GST

vi. No Objection Certificate for conversion from Petrol to LPG/CNG charges


vii. No Objection Certificate to convert from private to commercial or from commercial to private charges


viii. Repayment mode swap charges

₹ 500 + applicable GST

ix. Cash Transaction Charges (for repayment of EMI dues in cash at branches)

₹ 100 + applicable GST

Prepayment charges ( on Foreclosure)

Upto 12 Months*: 3% + applicable GST
13 to 24 Months*: 2% + applicable GST
After 24 Months: Nil prepayment charges
*Nil Prepayment charges on all fixed rate loans if loan is booked under priority sector lending and Borrower(s) type is Small or Micro & Loan amount is less than or equal to Rs. 50 Lacs. Further, Nil prepayment charges on all floating rate loans to individuals for purposes other than business or if Borrower(s) type is Small or Micro in accordance with MSE Code of Commitment

Loan related recovery charges (if applicable)

i. Auction charges for repossessed asset

At actuals

ii. Cash transaction charge for repayment of EMI dues at Branches

₹ 100 + GST

iii. Charges incurred in filing legal suit

At actuals

iv. Charges incurred in SARFAESI proceedings

At actuals

v. Charges incurred in sending different notices

At actuals

vi. Enforcement charges

At actuals

vii. Non Maintenance of Mode of Payment charges (NMMP)

₹ 800+ GST

viii. Overdue Handling Charges (delinquent accounts)

i.Rs.750 where a notice has been delivered at the communication address and a paper publication is not required

ii.Rs.1,700 where no notice has been delivered at the communication address and the paper publication is to be done

iii.Rs.300 charge for sending auction notice, over and above the preceding points i and ii

iv. Rs.200 for sending loan recall notice over and above the preceding points i and ii

ix. Paper advertisement charges

At actuals

x. Pick-up charges

₹ 500+ GST (For all retail products)

xi. Professional charges

At actuals

xii. Repossession charges

At actuals

xiii. Security guard charges

At actuals (For Immovable assets)

xiv. Yard charges

At actuals

Important points:

  1. Goods and Services Tax (GST), Other Government taxes, Levies, etc., will be applicable as per prevailing rates, in addition to the above mentioned charges
  2. The charges or fees given in the above table are subject to change and the one recorded in the agreement, will be binding over the site
  3. Interest Reset clause: Not Applicable
  4. The charges are applicable for all customers from Mar 31, 2016
  5. Stamp duty charges shall be extra, as applicable
  6. ICICI Bank reserves the right to revise the rate of interest and processing fee from time to time, at its sole discretion

For more information, please visit the nearest Customer Care.


Range of Interest rates for Two wheeler loans
Quarter ended at December - 2021 Minimum Maximum Mean
Two Wheeler Loan 9.00% 27.10% 19.44%


  • - The range of interest rates provided above is with respect to loans to individuals disbursed during Quarter 3 - FY: 2021-22.
  • - It includes fixed rate of interest and is based on factors such as customer relationship, asset segment, tenure of loan etc.
  • - It excludes subsidy and government schemes.
  • - Mean rate = Sum of rate of interest of all loan accounts / Number of all loan accounts.


Annual Percentage Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a method to compute the annualised credit cost, which includes the interest rate and the loan origination fee.

To calculate the same, please click here to download the APR calculator.