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Wallet linked UPI

Pockets by ICICI Bank introduces a first ever ‘Wallet linked UPI’ which lets you debit your Pockets digital wallet while using UPI. Simply download/log in to your updated Pockets app and get a VPA auto created by the app without having to link to any bank account. Use this newly created VPA to debit your Pockets Digital Wallet in all UPI transactions - Pay at merchant sites, Scan & Pay, Generate collect & send requests, Transfer money from wallet to savings account or to any other wallet etc.

Download Pockets by ICICI Bank to experience Wallet linked UPI.

How does it work?
  • Download/Login to updated Pockets app
  • Your Pockets VPA is created instantly
  • Click on BHIM UPI icon on Pockets home screen
  • Select Pockets VPA to Scan and pay/online payments/money transfers
  • Money is debited from your Pockets Wallet
What do you need?

Updated Pockets wallet


  • No Savings Account required to create UPI ID: You don’t need a bank account for creating a UPI ID on Pockets app. Just download/log in to your Pockets app and the app creates a UPI ID with your registered mobile number
  • Instant auto-creation of UPI: You can entirely skip the process of creating a UPI ID
  • Organized transactions: Just de-clutter your Savings Account by performing your daily transactions through ‘Wallet linked UPI’ on Pockets
  • Security: Minimum exposure to Savings Account as you can perform all your UPI transactions using your Pockets Wallet.
  • Ease of use: Use Scan to pay for merchant payments directly from wallet and do away with entering 16-digit card number and CVV for online transactions.