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Security with InstaBIZ

InstaBIZ is a secure mobile application to help you access your account on both mobile and tablet devices. The app has multi-level security features as listed below:

Login process

InstaBIZ, the mobile banking app can be accessed by all ICICI Bank Current Account customers who are registered on Corporate Internet Banking (CIB). The first scenario involves a 4-step registration process to activate MPIN as login password through authentication of Business Banking Debit or Inquiry Card number, grid values and One Time Activation Code (OTAC) sent on registered mobile number and login through fingerprint, post following all steps for MPIN registration. Once MPIN is set, users also have the option of enabling fingerprint (if supported by device) as an authentication mechanism.

Secure fund transfer

Debit Card Grid Values and OTP received on registered mobile number is required to complete the transaction. SMS Read permission is requested from the user at the time of any financial transaction for auto filling the OTP field. The user can choose to grant or deny the permission. Limit given to the user on CIB will be applicable for InstaBIZ transactions also.

Storage encryption

No sensitive information is stored on your mobile handset. Also, the data stored on the mobile is encrypted using strong encryption standards.

Communication encryption

The data exchanged between InstaBIZ and server is encrypted to ensure data security and confidentiality.

User Device Permissions

The following permissions may be requested from the user in the form of a prompt at appropriate time, based on user action. The user has the option to grant or deny permission.

SMS Read – For Auto-filling of OTPs on screen

SMS Send – For doing Device/SIM binding for UPI transactions

Read/Write external storage - For downloading and storing Bank statements, uploading documents and images from Gallery

Camera - For scanning QR code and capturing document image

Record Audio - For accessing Chatbot (iPAL) through microphone