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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

Grow your business with ICICI Bank’s Eazy Online Store


Why online?

With approximately million active internet users, 77% active e-commerce penetrations and an estimated online retail market size of USD 70 billion (as per; the time is ripe for you to seize the moment and give your business a well-deserved boost, by taking it online.

The beauty of the human spirit and its endurance lies in the ability to turn challenges into opportunities. In the recent two years, the inability to visit physical stores and the lack of personal contact gave rise to several challenges, especially for the merchants and small business owners, whose livelihood was threatened. However, amidst this chaos arose the opportunity to digitise their business model and embrace technology to reach a far wider customer base, than previously imagined. Add to that, several Government initiatives aimed at promoting a cashless economy and the ever-growing popularity of cashless payments - all point towards a continuing boom in the online E-commerce and retail industry.

ICICI Bank’s Eazy Online Store:

ICICI Bank is widely reputed to be a reliable partner of small business owners in India. By utilising its superior infrastructure and state-of-the-art Fintech platform, ICICI Bank is able to offer incredible services to help MSMEs. Thus, emerged the ICICI Bank Eazy Online Store. This solution empowers merchants and small businesses to gain an advantage over their competitors, by providing a smooth and efficient digital experience to their customers and by managing the overall business effectively.

Three pillars of ICICI Bank’s Eazy Online Store:

ICICI Bank gives you the unprecedented ability to turn your physical store into an online store, with digital transaction abilities, in a matter of just a few minutes.

ICICI Bank EazyStore:

  • Increase your online visibility, thus leading to higher sales

  • Attract new customers, who can conveniently place orders online

  • Overcome social distancing by utilising delivery partners, or physical pickup

  • Easy collection modes - Cash on Delivery and Digital modes

  • Easy order management - Accept/Reject/Modify orders

  • Promote the store through offers and loyalty points.

ICICI Bank EazyBilling:

  • Remove manual effort and errors by upgrading to digital billing

  • Enhanced customer management using back-end database

  • Superior inventory management, with capability of setting up a catalogue of up to 2 lakh SKUs

  • Multiple POS Terminal collection modes, including cards, QR Code

  • Simplified credit management (khata book) with the ability to generate real-time reports for sales/profits/GST etc.

  • Increase repeat purchases through the Loyalty programme.

ICICI Bank EazySupply:

  • Multiple supply ordering options from B2B E-commerce portals, Brand Distributor portals, local Wholesale Vendors who are already using the EazyDistributor portal

  • Access to better pricing from distributors, leading to cost savings

  • Get better promotions and discounts too

  • Convenient digital payment options, that saves time and effort

  • Create a list, order online for quick processing and be able to track orders at near real-time.

The digital platform with the mobile apps, as described above, provides a wide range of benefits that will revolutionise the way you run your business and help you gain a significant competitive advantage.

So, click on this link to get your journey started: Apply Now
You may also call 1800 123 9780, for any queries you may have.

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