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2 mins Read | 4 Months Ago

What is the fuel surcharge waiver on a Credit Card

Credit Card activation guidelines


What is the fuel surcharge waiver on a Credit Card?

In our daily lives, Credit Cards seamlessly integrate into our financial routine, offering convenience, benefits and savings. Among these, Fuel Credit Cards stand out with their exceptional features.

The fuel surcharge waiver helps in making cost-effective fuel transactions. In this blog, we will discuss about the fuel surcharge waiver on a Credit Card – its benefits, how it operates and the strategies to maximise savings at the fuel stations.

What are Fuel Credit Cards?

Designed for avid drivers, Fuel Credit Cards with fuel surcharge waivers distinguish themselves in the landscape of plastic money. These Cards, crafted with unique features, extend rewards and savings specifically targeting fuel expenses. Fuel Credit Cards offer various benefits in the form of cashback, discounts 

Understanding the fuel surcharge fee

It is around 2.5% of the fuel purchase amount or a fixed sum, imposed by Credit Card issuers on fuel transactions. It compensates for the processing costs associated with fuel transactions at the pump.

How does the fuel surcharge waiver work?

The fuel surcharge waiver serves as a great tool if you are a frequent traveller and are looking for a way to minimise your fuel expenses. You can use the Fuel Credit Card for fuel transactions and enjoy a waiver on the fuel surcharge.

ICICI Bank offers a range of fuel saver Cards like ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card, ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa/MasterCard Credit Cards, ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card as per choice. 

Eligibility and conditions for getting the fuel surcharge waiver

Specific eligibility criteria and conditions:

  • Designated fuel stations

The surcharge waiver is applicable only at the fuel station that has partnered or is associated with the Credit Card company. Ensuring your eligibility involves checking the list of affiliated fuel stations.

  • Minimum transaction amount

Credit Card issuers may stipulate a minimum transaction amount to unlock the fuel surcharge waiver. This condition ensures that the waiver is granted on substantial fuel purchases.

  • Maximum waiver limit

Credit Card issuers may impose a maximum limit on the surcharge waiver, applicable only on spends up to a certain amount. Transactions beyond the imposed limit may incur surcharge costs.

  • Timely payments

Maintaining a good payment history is crucial, as some issuers position the surcharge waiver as a reward for timely payment of outstanding dues.

  • Annual fees

For certain Credit Cards offering fuel surcharge waiver benefit(s), annual fee(s) may be levied. Prospective users should weigh the potential fuel savings against the Card's yearly cost before applying.

A strategic approach to maximise benefits

Following are the tips that you can take into consideration to get maximum benefits:

  • Choose the right Card

Research about the Card features and see whether the benefits provided align with your fuel spending habits. Choose a Card that will offer optimal cashback or rewards on fuel purchases and has an extensive network of partner fuel stations. You can choose from a variety of Cards offered by ICICI Bank, which are introduced as per the customer requirements.

  • Plan fuel purchases

Optimise your savings by planning your fuel purchases and ensuring that the purchases align with the partnered fuel stations to leverage the waiver benefits fully.

  • Combine with other offers

Explore the possibility of combining the surcharge waiver with other ongoing promotions or discounts offered by the Credit Card issuer, further amplifying your savings.

  • Track rewards and benefits

Regularly monitor your cashback, rewards and surcharge waiver benefits. This approach will help you to determine your savings and optimise fuel costs.

Embark on savings with ICICI Bank Fuel Credit Cards

ICICI Bank Fuel Credit Cards are invaluable assets for frequent road travellers seeking substantial savings on fuel costs. These Cards are designed exclusively to curtail fuel expenses, offering rewards and cashback on fuel purchases. With additional perks such as discounts on dining and other expenses, these Cards become must-haves for frequent commuters and fuel conscious individuals.


The fuel surcharge waiver on Fuel Credit Card can significantly enhance your savings if you choose the right Fuel Credit Card as per your needs and implement the right strategies. It's not just about transactions; it's about transforming fuel expenditures into opportunities for financial optimisation.

ICICI Bank Fuel Credit Cards are a game changer for those who are frequent road travellers. Applying for an ICICI Bank Fuel Credit Card isn't just about fuel perks—it's a ticket to easy fuel transactions and versatile features. 

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