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2 mins Read | 4 Months Ago

Plastic Money - What is Plastic Money & Its Benefits?

Plastic Money - What is Plastic Money & Its Benefits?


The idea of ‘plastic money’ has completely changed the financial industry in the fast-paced digital society we live in today. Plastic money, which is frequently connected to credit and debit cards, denotes the transition from conventional cash-based transactions to a more contemporary electronic method. ICICI Bank provides a variety of Credit Cards that integrate ease, security and other advantages into customers’ daily lives. 

A historical angle

Money has a long history that dates back to the dawn of civilisation. It began with the barter system of antiquity and progressed to the usage of precious metals and paper money. But the invention of ‘plastic money’ has been the biggest advancement in this evolutionary process. Technology breakthroughs and the demand for more convenient and safe payment options drove a paradigm shift away from physical currency and towards credit and debit cards. 

Comprehending Plastic Money 

Plastic money, represented by credit and debit cards, has significantly altered our financial landscape. ICICI Bank's Credit Cards are a prime example, offering an impressive range of features to cater to diverse consumer needs. These cards are more than mere tools for monetary transactions; they are access points to a variety of services and benefits that enhance the user experience. From facilitating basic purchases to providing premium lifestyle advantages, they embody the convenience and efficiency of modern financial practices. Equipped with robust security protocols, these cards guarantee safe and secure transactions, building trust among consumers. This evolution in shopping and financial behaviour highlights the critical role of ‘plastic money’ in today's digital economy, reflecting a shift from traditional cash-based transactions to more secure, convenient and versatile electronic forms of payment. 

The advantages of Credit Cards

Plastic money, specifically Credit Cards, have become an indispensable part of our financial toolkit, offering unparalleled convenience and a host of benefits. ICICI Bank's Credit Cards stand out in this domain, providing users with a range of advantages that cater to various lifestyle needs and financial situations. These advantages include: 

  • Cashless convenience: ICICI Bank Credit Cards provide a safer and more convenient way to transact by eliminating the need to carry significant amounts of cash 

  • Enhanced security: To guard against fraud and theft, these cards have state-of-the-art security measures 

  • Financial empowerment: They offer the option to pay later, which can be quite helpful for managing financial flow or making last-minute purchases 

  • Transaction ease: Because ICICI Bank Credit Cards are accepted everywhere, they are ideal for both local and international transactions 

  • Offers and Rewards: Cashback, Reward Points and purchase discounts are just a few of the benefits that cardholders can take advantage of 

  • Benefits for travel: Cards designed specifically for travel come with extra benefits, including lounge access, complimentary air miles and hotel reservations at a reduced rate. 

How to pick the best ICICI Bank Credit Card and apply for it 

Knowing your spending patterns and needs is essential while selecting the best Credit Card. From cards with travel advantages to those with luxury lifestyle privileges, ICICI Bank offers a variety of cards designed to meet different lifestyles.  

For starters, the ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card is an ideal choice for those seeking a no-frills option. With no joining or annual fees, it allows cardholders to accumulate Reward Points and enjoy discounts on dining and entertainment. 

If you are a frequent shopper or traveller, the ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card could be your match. With a nominal joining fee, it offers additional Reward Points, significant discounts on movie tickets and complimentary railway lounge accesses. 

For those inclined towards premium benefits, the ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card stands out. It not only provides Reward Points and fuel surcharge waivers, but also offers complimentary airport lounge accesses and discounts on various leisure activities. 

The ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card, a top-tier option, caters to those seeking exclusive privileges in entertainment, dining, wellness and golf, along with a membership to the Dream folks DragonPass Programme. 

To apply, simply assess your preferences, compare these Credit Card features and perks on ICICI Bank's user-friendly online platform and choose the one that aligns best with your lifestyle and spending patterns. The process of application and comparison is designed to be straightforward, ensuring you can easily find a card that meets your specific requirements. 

Taking care of ‘plastic money’

It's important to utilise ‘plastic money’ responsibly. It entails being aware of credit limitations, making on-time bill payments and refraining from rash purchases. Maintaining financial discipline can also be aided by setting up spending alerts and routinely reviewing Credit Card accounts. 

With a range of features catered to various customer requirements, ICICI Bank Credit Cards are the pinnacle of practicality and effectiveness when it comes to ‘plastic money’. These cards mark a significant advancement towards a society that is both technologically and financially more advanced. 



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