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2 mins Read | 7 Months Ago

Enhanced security for card transactions

Enhanced security for card transactions


At a time when everything including finance is going digital, safeguarding your online Credit Card transactions is not just a choice but also a necessity. Vulnerability remains despite advanced features but staying alert is the key to securing your card.

This guide will explore essential practices and extra precautions for secure Credit Card transactions and give you tips to enhance security of your Credit Card. Let us get started!

In adherence to regulatory guidelines that promote secure online transactions, customers who have been inactive for the online usage service or received a new card (issue/reissue/replacement/renewal/upgrade) will get a card with temporarily disabled online usage.

However, you can still use your card at ATMs and for purchases at nearby merchant outlets. This precautionary measure is implemented to prioritise your safety in banking transactions.

Precautionary steps to ensure safe Credit Card transactions

In digital banking, security of card transactions is essential. Leveraging the capabilities of Net Banking and the iMobile Pay app, which is end-to-end encrypted, provides an added layer of defence. Specifically, you can take control of your Credit Card usage by setting transaction limits, a feature designed to strengthen your financial security.

1. Net Banking

Through Net Banking, you can manage your Credit Card transactions seamlessly. Visit ICICI Bank Net Banking portal, navigate to the Credit Card settings and select the option to set transaction limits. Define the maximum amount and preferred frequency limit for a personalised shield against unauthorised or excessive card usage. This acts as one of the most reliable Credit Card features to ensure security during card transactions.

2. iMobile Pay app

With its end-to-end encryption, ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app provides a secure mode for complete Credit Card management. Go to the Credit Card section in the app and set transaction limits to align with your security preferences. Doing so establishes a set limit so that the card cannot be used to its maximum capacity, ensuring secure transactions at all times.

Security of Chip and PIN card

ICICI Bank Credit Cards come with an embedded microchip that provides additional security against counterfeiting and duplication of cards.

The new Chip cards have an extra layer of security in the form of a Personal

Identification Number (PIN). You will be required to enter your PIN on the terminal for card transactions at merchant outlets .This PIN is not required for online transactions.

ICICI Bank makes Credit Card PIN generation easy with Net Banking and iMobile Pay app. Stop worrying about your Credit Card PIN generation or PIN change and follow the below steps:

  • Log in to ICICI Bank Net Banking
  • Select Credit Card from Cards & Loans
  • Select ‘Generate Credit Card PIN online’ from the left menu
  • Choose your card and enter the CVV
  • Click ‘Submit’ to get the OTP on your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and proceed to set new PIN and submit.

You can also initiate Credit Card PIN change through iMobile Pay. Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to iMobile Pay and select Cards & Forex
  • Select your Card and click on generate PIN
  • Set your Credit Card PIN and submit.

You can also use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by calling on

1800 1080.

Quick tips to secure your card transactions

Using trusted networks

Public Wi-Fi networks and computers pose significant risks for Credit Card transactions. Even a secured Credit Card becomes vulnerable in such environments. Always opt for trusted Wi-Fi networks and secure computers while conducting online transactions.

Antivirus protection

Install a reliable antivirus program on your computer. It protects against potential virus attacks that could compromise your Credit Card information.

Shop on reliable websites

While online shopping is convenient, exercise caution. Use your Credit Card only on reliable and well-known websites. Beware of unsolicited e-mails containing links, which might lead to scams. Type the website URL directly in your browser and ensure it has the ‘https’ prefix.

Choose reliable stores

Use your Credit Card at established and trustworthy offline stores to minimise the risk of fraud.

Regular PIN changes

Enhance your card security by regularly changing your PIN. Updating it every few months reduces chances of misuse. Avoid easily predictable combinations like birthdays or anniversaries while selecting a PIN.

Secrecy and caution

Never write down your PIN and refrain from sharing it with anyone. Opt for a PIN that is not associated with your personal information.

Reporting a lost Credit Card within 3 days protects you from fraudulent transactions. However, a credit protection plan offers extended protection, even if the report comes after the 3 days window. Additionally, it often includes perks such as travel assistance.


Digitalisation offers unparalleled convenience but demands a high degree of alertness. Safeguarding your Credit Card, whether a Visa, Mastercard, RuPay, a secured Credit Card or any other variant, requires safety measures. By incorporating these practices in your routine, you will enhance the security of your card transactions and contribute to a secure banking ecosystem.



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