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How do I transfer funds by Pay any Visa Credit Card?

You may  transfer funds by ‘Pay any Visa Credit Card’ through any of the following channels:

Internet Banking:
Login to Internet Banking > Payments & Transfers > Bill payments > Credit Card Bills > Other Bank Visa Credit Cards

In ‘Other Bank Visa Credit Card' screen, first register the beneficiary (one time registration) by entering the Visa card number and name of the beneficiary. Then make the payment to the beneficiary by entering the amount and selecting the beneficiary.

iMobile app: 
Login to ICICI Bank iMobile app > Bill Payment & Reminders > Add biller > Category → Credit Cards > Biller Name → Visa Credit Cards –Non ICICI (Pay Any Visa Credit Card)

Is there any per day limit to transfer funds?

On any given day the individual as well as the total fund transfers which can carry out in any of the three categories of

  • Transfer Funds to any ICICI Bank Account (apart from own linked account)
  • Transfer Funds to any Non ICICI Bank Account
  • Pay any Credit Card

cannot exceed Rs. 1 lac a Resident Indian customer and Rs. 2 lac for NRI customer.

There will also be a transaction limit of Rs 1,00,000 per transaction for Pay any Credit Card.

How long does it take to credit funds to the beneficiary?

Amount will be credited to beneficiary Credit Card within 48 to 72 working hours. In case of failure if amount is not credited, it will be credited back to your Saving Account within 4 working days.

What are the main benefits of Pay any Visa Credit Card?

Main Benefits

  • Speed - This facility ensures that the funds are transferred to the beneficiary account within 3 working days. This is much faster compared to the time required in sending a draft/cheque and encashing it.
  • Convenience - Just log on to the and you can transfer the funds anywhere in India. No need to visit the bank branch and search for a courier.
  • Reach - The funds can be transferred to the beneficiary anywhere in India as long as he holds a Visa card. Beneficiary need not be present physically to receive the payment.
  • Bill Payment - You can easily pay the credit card bill using this facility.

What is Pay any Visa Credit Card service?

'Pay Any Visa Credit Card' is a service that allows you to transfer funds to any Visa credit card in India from your ICICI Bank Account. The maximum amount of transaction limit is ₹1,00,000.00.

You may see the detailed process of transfer online at > Internet Banking (Bottom of the page) > Services Offered > Pay Any Visa Credit Card.

Note: 'Pay any Visa Credit Card' service is non-chargeable.

The service allows you to either transfer funds or you can schedule a transfer for a future date. If you schedule the payment for a future date, it will be processed only on the date mentioned by you (subject to availability of funds in your account).

How to access the Pay to Visa Credit Card service to transfer funds?

To access this service, just log on to Click on the 'Bank' tab in top left and then click on the Pay any Visa Credit Card'

Where can I transfer funds using Pay Any Visa Credit Card?

You can transfer funds to any VISA credit card across India.

Can I pay my credit card bills using Pay any Visa Credit Card?

Yes, you can pay your credit card bills (as long as it's a Visa card) using Pay any Visa Credit Card. Just enter the card number that you wish to make payments for, in the beneficiary card details.

Do I need to register for this service?

No, you don't need to register to use the service. You will only need to register the beneficiary Online.

What is a Payee Alert?

Payee Alert is a SMS which will be sent to you on your Registered Mobile number after you enter the Payee Details for Payee Registration. Payee Alert will have Unique Registration Number.

Is Payee Registration required?

Your Payee Registration Request gets accepted after you enter Payee Details and remains in "Pending Confirmation" status. You can transfer funds to the payee after you have "confirmed" the Payee. Please note that you need to confirm the Payee registration within 15 days from the date of registration failing which your Payee Registration is canceled.

How to do Payee Registration Confirmation?

To confirm a Payee please follow the steps mentioned below:

You will receive a Unique Registration Number (URN) by sms in the next 15 minutes.

*URN - Unique Registration Number

If you don't receive the URN, please make a request by sending URN < space> < payee nickname> as an SMS to 5676766 or 9837142424. (Not applicable for Account to Card transfer) Number.

  1. For resident customers, you can add a Payee only if you are registered for Mobile Banking.
  2. To add/update your mobile number, please visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch.
  3. NRI Customers can call Customer Care to confirm the addition of the Payee.

NRI customers wanting to know how to register for Mobile Banking, please click here

Why is Payee Registration Confirmation required?

Customer security is the main concern at ICICI Bank. To improve security of your transaction, ICICI Bank has introduced Payee Registration confirmation. Customer is required to confirm the Payee Registration through alternate channel other than Internet.

What details do I need to know about the beneficiary to use the service?

You only need to know the beneficiary's 16 digit card number and beneficiary name.

Will I be charged for using the facility?

For payment to any credit card, no fee will be charged.

What is schedule payment?

The service allows you to either transfer funds immediately (within 96 - 120 hours) or you can schedule a transfer for a future date. If you schedule the payment for a future date it will be processed only on the date mentioned by you (subject to availability of funds in your account).

Why am I being asked to enter 3 Digits from my ICICI Bank ATM/Debit Card?

In order to successfully complete the transaction, after entering your transaction password you will need to provide three random digits from your ICICI Bank Debit / ATM Card Number. This will be required after entering transaction password.

Can the transfer once initiated be modified/stopped?

No, If the transfer has been initiated in the current date, then neither can it be stopped nor can the beneficiary details or transfer amount be changed. This can be done only for the scheduled transfer later.