The pandemic has led to uncertainties in everyone's lives. In these difficult times, it is important to be prepared for any tough situation that might come our way.

Over the course of our lifetime, we opt for various financial products through different institutions and channels. In most families, this information is often scattered and family members are seldom aware of it. The pandemic has left families grappling with access to financial information.

Let us pledge to ensure that our loved ones are financially secure. To do that, it is most important that all your personal financial details are available and handy, at all times.

Here are three simple steps to use the iLocker:
  • Download the editable handbook
  • Fill in all your details
  • Share with your immediate family member (nominee)

Once you have filled up all the relevant information, please ensure that you keep the populated iLocker document and all other related documents together, at a secure place, known to your nominee.

To begin, click here to download iLocker, because family always comes first!