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Update your PAN details to get TDS certificate
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In this edition, we would be discussing, how you can update your PAN with the bank from the comfort of your home.
  Service channels for you to update your PAN:  
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  Important Information  
  If you have an NRO Savings or Fixed Deposit account with ICICI Bank, we can issue you a TDS certificate only if your PAN details are updated in our records. Hence it is important that you update your PAN details with us.
Please note that TDS certificate is not issued for NRE Savings or Fixed Deposit account.
To update your PAN details or for any other query you can also visit any of our branches in India.

In case you do not have a PAN card, click here to know the process for application of a new PAN card or address updation in Income Tax record.

That is all for this edition. Hope you found the information useful.

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