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Earn Rewards on Credit Card

ICICI Credit Cards offer credit card reward points on every purchase. You can earn rewards on everyday purchases and high-value purchases like jewellery, electronics, etc. ICICI Bank also ensures that you earn extra reward points on using your credit card for international travel. You can redeem these points to enjoy benefits like discounts on appliances and other online purchases.

You can also share the benefits of your credit card reward points with your family members with 2 supplementary cards. Gift them a supplementary card and they can redeem and utilise the existing reward points to get discounts on their purchases.

Simply follow these five easy steps to earn Rewards points quickly:


Everyday shopping

Use your ICICI Bank Credit Card everyday for everything from grocery shopping to eating out and online shopping.

High-value purchases

Use your Card for purchasing jewellery and making your travel and holiday bookings and watch your points grow even faster.

International Travel

Remember to carry your ICICI Bank Credit Card when you travel internationally.

Automatic Bill Pay

Pay your recurring bills like utility payments through your ICICI Bank Credit Card to earn more points.

Supplementary Cards

Earn rewards faster by sharing the privileges and benefits of your account. You can gift up to 2 Supplementary Cards to your family members above 18 years of age. For more information or to request a Supplementary Card application, please call our 24-hour Customer Care.


What are Credit Card reward points?

Have you ever wanted to turn your everyday spends into exciting rewards? This is where Credit Card reward points come into play. These are incentives that can transform your purchases into cashback, travel perks, merchandise and more. With each swipe, you are on your way to unlock a treasure trove of benefits.

Here is a quick look at the features of Credit Card reward points:

  • Earn with every transaction-

          Whether it is your morning coffee or a weekend shopping spree, every purchase helps you earn valuable reward points.

  • Redeem for cashback-

          These points aren't just numbers, they are your ticket to a world of possibilities. Encash your points for discounts or even statement credits.

  • Benefits across categories-

          Some cards offer bonus points for specific spending categories, contributing towards your overall rewards.

  • Terms and triumphs-

          Be sure to know the ins and outs of your card's reward programme so that you can make the most out of it.

  • Strategise for success-

            Well-informed cardholders use Credit Cards strategically to maximise value and to enhance their financial journey.

How can I earn reward points on my ICICI Bank Credit Card?

Unlocking a world full of rewards with your ICICI Bank Credit Card is easy! 

Here is a simple guide on how to earn reward points on your ICICI Bank Credit Card:

  1. Everyday shopping:

Make your everyday expenses count. Use your ICICI Bank Credit Card for daily transactions, whether it is grocery shopping, dining or online purchases.

  1. High-value purchases:

Earn reward points by using your Credit Card for high-value purchases. These include buying jewellery, making travel and holiday bookings and more! Watch your points accumulate with every transaction!  

  1. International travel:

Remember to carry your ICICI Bank Credit Card with you while travelling abroad. It is your passport to earning reward points while exploring the world.

  1. Automatic bill payments:

Simplify your life and earn points by setting up automatic bill payments through your ICICI Bank Credit Card. Make recurring utility bill payments easily while also boosting your rewards.

  1. Supplementary cards:

Share these privileges with your loved ones. Get up to 2 supplementary Credit Cards for your family members aged 18 and above and help them enjoy these benefits with you! Supplementary cards also contribute to reward points on your ICICI Bank Credit Card.

  • Internet Banking:
  • You can access your account through ICICI Bank Internet Banking by entering your username and password. After logging in, you can pay your Credit Card bills, check statements and redeem your Credit Card reward points. Select the reward of your choice and place the order. You can expect the delivery for the same within 10 working days.

  • Customer Care:

Reach out to the Bank’s Customer Care for expert assistance. You can ask about your reward balance as well as the process to redeem your points. A representative will guide you on how to place your order based on the accumulated reward points available in your account. 

  • Visit the Bank:

For a hands-on approach, visit any Bank Branch and collect the rewards redemption form. Fill it out and send it to the Bank's Credit Card division via courier. Your reward will be dispatched to your registered address in approximately <10> working days. The corresponding points for the same will be deducted from your total reward points.

  • Partner stores:

Some banks collaborate with partner stores, allowing you to shop using your Credit Card reward points. Any additional amount, if applicable, will be charged on your Credit Card.

You can explore these options to make the most of your Credit Card journey! Encash your reward points for vouchers, merchandise or even cash credit. It is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of your Credit Card to the fullest!